About Us

Greeting dear friends and a warm welcome to Rustic Swan

On the 1st of October 2020 Rustic Swan was born with the ambition to not only produce stylish events, weddings, and conferences but also to raise the standards bar for events worldwide.

At Rustic Swan we have the infrastructure and experience to create spectacular events that will be remembered by all your guests for the years to come. Small, big, weddings, conferences, or other events…we have no preferences…all are welcome as we believe each event gives us the opportunity to showcase our skills.

Each event will be handled by a dedicated and experienced Events Specialist who will strive to ensure all your needs are met and your special day is perfect and tailored to your needs.

Our motto at Rustic Swan  is a stylish event begins long before the guests arrive, it begins with masterful planning as we believe that an event cannot be perfected at the last minute, but time must be taken in the planning stages by carefully analysing each element to ensure that the client’s expectations and more are met.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for showing an interest in our company and we look forward to working with you to create a stylish and memorable event.

About Me

Andre Swanepoel

Event Planner


It’s pretty easy to pinpoint where my love of entertaining came from. I had a grandmother who had entertainment down to a science. She was a woman who loved a good party. When I was a small child, she taught me the value of hearty food and setting up for my large family, every Sunday was a small event on its own, from serving to cleaning we did it all. When I grew older, I would help my grandmother set up for her various parties and watch how she had meticulously organized and planned everything down to the smallest detail.

My love of organization and planning has followed me forever, and always carried over into my work. Working as a chef and hotelier, I had the opportunity to plan birthdays and meetings for a lot of beautiful and amazing people in Gauteng

As a wedding and events planner, I’ve been able to hone in on my passion for helping clients create truly fantastic experiences for their guests. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing my services made my clients’ day better. I have had the pleasure to create Rustic Swan to bring out more of what I love and that is making peoples days amazing from the smallest functions to the biggest dreams you have ever had.

What really makes my heart hum? I’m a person who loves to experiment with new food ideas, table settings and marring colours, I’m always excited about having people over for dinner, and I love giving back to my community. Outside of events and weddings I am a dog dad, love spending time with family and friends, I am apart of SACA (South African Chef’s Association) and love traveling our beautiful country.

I look forward to learning more about you, and your vision for your next event.

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